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Operators of the sport center can use the smart gym information platform to systematically manage gym service information including place, equipment, class, people flow and member order information efficiently

Sport member can use the smart gym information platform APP to view and reserve the place,

equipment and online class and also pay online to finish reservation process.

Sport trainers can collect members' exercise data to track members' training process remotely

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Place and Equipment Reservation

Reservation online and no waiting to use

Group Class Reservation

App reservaiton online

Personal Calendar

My calendar records the reversation reminded in time without forgetting

Data Management

Through Patented Retrofit Devices

Exercise Data Can be Captured from Stationary Machine

Smart Device


The User Representative in Smart Gym


The Representative of Stationary Machine and Specific Room in Smart Gym

The Data Capturing Device

The Data Capturing and Computing Sensor

Sport members can use the patented retrofit box, the data capturing devices to record and manage personal exercise data. By combing / separating the tag and reader, the retrofit device can record the using status of specific equipment and place, and various sensors of sport equipments can upload the data via Bluetooth, ZigBee and Wi-Fi to gateway. After smart recognition and partial processing in gateway, data will be sent to cloud, and gateway will receive the orders from cloud to control the sensors and actuators.

Real-time Data Record

Can track members' training process remotely
The sport trainer can teach many students at same time

Exercise History

To record the order of equipment usage
To facilitate the trainer's review
Further, to suggest correct exercise order and harbit

  • To collect usage data

    Through the analysis of members' fitness level

    To suggest suitable sport classes

  • Through the analysis of members' personal sport capability

    To guild the execution

    To track and compare the result of the exercise

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